How Fresh Fruit Exporters Attract Buyers in European Export Markets

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For a beginner fresh fruit exporters, attracting buyers in the export market can be very challenging. You need to prepare everything well. Recognize the weaknesses and strengths of your business, as well as be selective in choosing the right trading partner and be able to represent your company in the European market.

How Fresh Fruit Exporters Attract Buyers in European Export Markets

What can be done to attract potential buyers as beginner fruit exporters? Maybe, the tips below can inspire you!

1. Know the Types of Buyers

In the export market, there are many types of fresh fruit and vegetable importers with different preferences. But broadly speaking, you can distinguish between importers who focus more on trade and wholesalers or those who predominantly supply retailers.

Retail suppliers are usually fewer but have a more dominant market share, while specialty importers can offer sales channels for certain types of fruit products. For more details, here are several types of fruit importers and their advantages and disadvantages:

General Importer Special Importer
  • Importer integrated
  • Contract buyers
  • Retail fruit and vegetable purchasing center
  • Supplier to a wholesale provider
  • Special buyers of certain fruit categories
  • Importer of exotic fruit
  • Prices tend to remain constant
  • More secure supply
  • Long term contracts
  • Pre-harvest financing
  • More flexible
  • Specialist in certain fruit products (peach, orange, etc.)
  • Food safety and quality standards are more stringent
  • There is a minimum volume requirement
  • Supply is less stable
  • Price fluctuations
  • Wealmoor (Inggris)
  • Greenyard Fresh (Prancis)
  • OGL Food Trade (Jerman)
  • BUD Holland (exotic fruit specialist)
  • OTC Organic (organic fruit specialist)

2. Prioritize Safety and Experience

After knowing the types of buyers above, make sure you choose the one that best suits your business. Look for buyers or importers who offer high security and experience.

Take for example a buyer with a retail supply program who can be reliable, but don’t be surprised if they demand a lot. Fixed-price buyers may also be able to offer a safer deal than consignment, but it can be hard to find because there are so few of them.

So, find buyers with a large network and legal, then negotiate a minimum price to keep your costs down. In addition, consider the buyer’s experience, especially if you are exporting certain fruit products such as young coconut or papaya.

3. Visit an Online Trade Show

When facing Covid-19, it is difficult for fresh fruit exporters to carry out survey trips in the export market. So to find potential buyers, exporters have to rely more heavily on online communication channels. One of the best channels is to participate in online trade shows and use the catalog.

Many European businesses use these trade shows to establish their presence in the export market making it an ideal place for exporters to meet various importers. Through these trade shows, you can also find background information about new target markets and showcase your company to your potential customers.

Use the online trade show exhibitor catalog to find buyers per product or product group. The catalog usually contains relevant information such as the buyer’s website and contact details. The trade fairs in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector include the Fruit Attraction (October in Madrid, Spain), Fruit Logistica (February in Berlin, Germany), Biofach, The London Produce Show, etc.

4. Sign up for the Trading Database

Another way you can do as a beginner fresh fruit exporter is to use trade databases to present your products as well as find potential buyers. But keep in mind that some trading databases charge a membership fee before you can contact other traders or publish your company.

Some provide a free trial for some time so you can see if it’s worth continuing to subscribe. Once registered, you can immediately look for buyers or join as a supplier. Some of the trade databases you can use include Tridge, Organic Bio, Europages, Green Trade, etc.

5. Hubungi Asosiasi Pendukung Bisnis Lokal Anda

Check with your local sector association or business support organization to see if they have a service to find potential buyers of fresh fruit in European markets. As a registered member of a sector association, potential European buyers can also find your company.

Some can give you information about your target market. Several associations in the fruit and vegetable sector in Indonesia are the Indonesian Agribusiness Association and the Association of Indonesian Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters and Importers (ASEIBSSINDO).


Those are some ways that you as a beginner fresh fruit exporter can find potential buyers in the European market. In addition, joining the export-import group on the LinkedIn platform can also be an effective way. The information above will hopefully help you better understand how to enter the European market and become a successful exporter there.

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